3 Ways Data Can Improve your Video Marketing Strategy

3 Ways Data Can Improve your Video Marketing Strategy


Nowadays every company is ‘data-rich’. It’s how you choose to use your data that distinguishes you from your competition. One of the more strategic ways to make your data work for you is by using it to personalize your communications, services and offerings.

At the same time the importance of data is increasing, digital-savvy consumers across all industries are expecting their digital experiences to be personally relevant to their specific needs. So, it’s no surprise marketers are combining the demand for personalization with the tactical marketing medium of choice – video – to produce uniquely powerful messaging.

Personalized video platforms intertwine the two strategies to offer personalization by using your data to create interactive video experiences that gives customers the content they want in a format they prefer.

When 91% of consumers say they are more likely to shop with brands that tailor offerings to them, you can understand how personalized video translates into greater ROI for your campaigns.

With a trove of data, easy access to an array of video tools, and customers expecting personalization, you’re already well on your way to improving your video marketing strategy, so let’s look at 3 ways you can get your data to work for you.


Data points… to your customers

Your data is the fastest, most accurate way to get to know your customers. Your demographics and behavior analytics provide you with insights into your customer, including who they are, what interests they have, and how they arrived at the choices they made. Being able to make more targeted connections is crucial in communicating with customers on a more personal level and only possible through the data you collect from customer touchpoints such as web clicks, product usage, call center requests, etc.

Once you are able to take your data and segment your customers, you can craft more targeted and personalized communications, so the right message is getting to the right customer.

This entire process is made even more effective when you plug that data into platforms that are at the forefront of video marketing, like IndiVideo, to create engaging personalized videos your customers respond to immediately.


Not sharing is caring

Interestingly, a recent Accenture survey found that 83% of consumers are willing to share their data to create a more a personalized experience. Although, many people want personalized experiences they are also sometimes worried about the data they share, will be shared again to others.

Personalized video platforms like IndiVideo only pull existing customer data from CRMs and render the video on the customers device, so the customer data never leaves the corporate firewall. Since customer data isn’t used, there are no compliance issues when creating personalized videos.

Free from these concerns, you can directly incorporate your CRM data into a personalized video without worry, mapping it to a customer’s various data points and choices across the length of their journey, from awareness to engagement, ongoing communications to upselling.


You are your UX

Customer data can help you create a data-driven video marketing strategy that benefits your customers with an easier, faster, and overall better digital user experience.

People are already increasingly exposed to digital experiences in all facets of their lives, seamlessly across a variety of channels and touchpoints. These interactions can be easily enhanced when you add data-driven videos from end-to-end of the funnel from awareness, engagement, and upselling.

Transforming your data into highly personalized interactive videos engages customers on a personal level, while providing them with valued information. It is this dual outcome of engagement and information – when delivered in a compelling, user-friendly format – that connects with customers on a highly personalized level and brings you one step closer to turning a casual buyer into a lifelong loyal customer.


Use your data wisely


Interactive personalized video harnesses the power of your CRM data by bringing together two highly effective marketing strategies into one engaging video asset that can be mapped to every step of the buying journey.

The age of mass data is here to stay. Having the right collection tools in your video marketing strategy or a robust CRM is only as good as what you do with that data.


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