6 Ways IndiVideo Makes It Easy to Create Personalized Sales Videos

6 Ways IndiVideo Makes It Easy to Create Personalized Sales Videos

6 Ways IndiVideo Makes It Easy to Create Personalized Sales Videos


You know that personalized video is an effective way to reach a wider audience and increase your sales. But do you know how easy it can be for both marketers and sales teams to quickly create and deploy personalized videos? Typically, it can take weeks to create a professional-looking video, and even longer to create one with personalized data specific to each viewer. IndiVideo by Bluerush is designed specifically to allow you to create your own videos quickly and easily, with no specialized prior training. Following an onboarding session, many of our clients are able to create their first video in as little as a few hours. This makes IndiVideo an ideal conversion tool for your sales team.

Here are 6 features designed to help you and your sales reps get the most from this powerful video creation platform.


1. Easy to create

With IndiVideo, you have access to a wide range of prepared templates (we’re talking thousands!). We have templates for and every stage of the customer journey, including meeting invites, reminders, sales demo follow-up, proposals, onboarding, and more. You can also turn your own existing videos into convenient templates for use by your team members.

2. Easy to personalize

Many templates can be customized to your brand in just a few clicks. Add your logo, your brand colours and fonts, and incorporate still images, animations, and music that suit your brand personality. Some templates — and all IndiVideos created from scratch — can be integrated with customer data. This allows you to turn your video into dozens or even tens of thousands of personalized videos.

3. Easy to share

Your video wants to be seen — and IndiVideo provides ample deployment possibilities. Embed your IndiVideo on your website, share on social media, or send in an email. Deploy one video — or one million. IndiVideo is designed to scale effortlessly. That means you can get your message out to the largest possible audience.

4. Easy to self-record

We’ve added some awesome features that make it easy for you to record and package a video of you . Record directly from your laptop or device, with no special equipment. A built-in teleprompter help you achieve professional results. Use your self-recording as a standalone video, or use it as a unique, one-to-one introduction to a templated video. You can also append a self-recorded message at the end with a direct appeal that compels the recipient to take action.

5. Easy to analyze

How effective was your video? IndiVideo’s real-time analytics track audience engagement, telling you how many people are watching, where they’re located, how long they watched for — and more. This pinpoint accuracy helps you modify future videos to continually push the engagement envelop, while providing the KPIs you need to track effectiveness. For example, in a 90-day campaign for DUCA Credit Union that garnered a total of $700 million in deposits, our client was able to monitor the activity of the more than 110 new members who joined each day.

6. Easy to integrate

Harmonize your marketing activities. IndiVideo is compatible with a wide range of software, including Hubspot. It works seamlessly with your systems as part of a holistic marketing strategy. That’s an important part of maximizing IndiVideo’s effectiveness, since users can expect a lot of exposure for their video. (Our platform has served up 93.5 million views of Individeos since we first offered this product.)


Because of IndiVideo’s unique, proprietary platform, your videos are always professionally rendered, with no lag. They’re also ultra-secure: IndiVideo doesn’t store personally identifiable information (PII); instead, data remains safely behind your firewall and is called into the video in real time for streaming on demand. These features, plus the simplicity of this easy-to-use platform, make IndiVideo an ideal addition to your sales team’s tool kit.

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