Insurance Giant Allstate Engaged and Converted Customers with an Enhanced Customer Experience

Insurance Giant Allstate Engaged and Converted Customers with an Enhanced Customer Experience



Companies are looking for ways to provide an enhanced customer experience (CX). For insurance providers, they are turning to personalized video to give them an edge over their competition, connect with potential customers and convert leads.

Here is how Insurance Giant Allstate used Personalized video to find success.

Allstate’s customer management teams struggled to convert eager prospects who called requesting quotes. Without a streamlined digital CX that engaged potential buyers with timely purchasing information, agents spent more time explaining a policy than selling it.

Streamlining Digital Customer Experience

When looking at their current process to engage and educate viewers, they determined customers were dropping of before converting because they were not receiving the right information to propel them to complete a quote request.

The team quickly recognized the need to engage customers with interactive components customized to each customer’s specific name and policy needs.

By leveraging data to create a unique 1:1 video experience for EVERY prospect, Allstate provided a unique interactive video experience within 24 hours of each customer’s initial request. Next, recipients received a personalized email with one-click access to their unique video statement that integrated both the electronic quote process and complemented the printed statements.

The team quickly saw up-sell opportunities to promote local services and educate customers on how to better protect themselves by purchasing different options tailored to their needs.

The robust tracking metrics of the IndiVideo platform allowed Allstate to monitor how customers were interacting with the video and the data-driven insights, allowed Allstate to make improvements in the entire quote process to achieve improvements in quote conversions and agent success.

80% of video viewers reported an increased satisfaction and better understanding. This lead to a 10% increase in conversions.

The End Result: An Enhanced Customer Experience

Through streamlining the CX and differentiating its brand, Allstate provided customers with an entirely automated, personalized customer experience walking them through the quote, savings, and benefits of Allstate insurance.

For agents, this meant fewer avoidable calls, more streamlined digital services, like easy methods to explain billing cycles, and personalized templates – all of which allow them to focus on selling because their customer information needs are being met.

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