IndiVideo allows you to create & distribute videos using HubSpot

Create, distribute and optimize videos at scale using your HubSpot data


With just a click you can harness the power of personalized videos for Marketing with Hubspot

Send personalized videos from your favorite CRM tool!

With 90% of people saying videos influence their purchasing decisions, it’s no surprise that marketing teams are trying to find ways to harness the power of video. There’s no more efficient way than adding personalized videos to HubSpot, the #1 CRM platform for scaling businesses.  

Bring the best-in-class customer experience to help marketing teams grow.  Find out how easy it is for teams to use personalized videos for marketing goals with Hubspot

Engage Customers At ALL The Touchpoints

Connect with customers at every stage of the lifecycle journey with personalized videos incorporated into your site, social posts, in marketing emails, sequences and flows. With just a click, integrate data-driven videos into all HubSpot email marketing campaigns to engage and educate customers.

And when you strike the right tone with your customers from the get-go – that you have their best interests at heart– trust forms naturally.

Automation At Scale

Build out personalized videos at scale that enhance your marketing efforts and convert customers. With IndiVideo for Marketing, you can leverage your customer data in HubSpot to create custom data points like first name, company name, job title, and more.

72% of consumers say they only engage with personalized messaging, so make your customers feel like people and not just numbers. 

Let Your Analytics Guide You

Track video engagement and conversions to understand how your videos impact metrics like view time and click-through rates (CTR). Armed with reliable custom reports and detailed dashboards you can determine video performance and web page analytics data to optimize current and future campaigns.

Capture Leads

Help your message and brand stand out amongst the noise and inbox overload. Use personalized video across every stage of the sales lifecycle to generate leads, close deals, and improve relationships with customers. Use HubSpot powerful CRM reporting tools to track view data and generate leads from all your video content.

Make Your Videos Work For You

Video is perfect for connecting across multiple channels to a variety of customers and prospects.  

Whether sending an introduction email, helping a long-time customer, or embedding a how-to tutorial on your knowledge base, IndiVideo intuitive tools make it easy to create and add videos to your marketing, customer success and sales effort – with no video skills required. 



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