Personalized Sales Videos – The Best Sales Approach for the Digital Age

Personalized Sales Videos the best sales approach for the digital age

Personalized sales videos are engaging, easy to make, compliant, secure, scalable, and offer a better ROI.



Videos engage customers at any point in their customer journey with introductions, follow-ups, thank yous, product demos and more. This versatility means personalized sales viedo will beat all other marketing tactics, across all KPIs, every time. 

Want proof? Proof of video’s selling power is easy to find: 88% of people have purchased a product or service by watching a brand’s video. On the business side, more than 99% of marketers who use video will continue doing so in 2022, with two-thirds either increasing or maintaining their spend. 

At the same time, we know that personalization is expected in the customer experience, because it makes people feel heard and that their specific needs are being met. When 72% of consumers say they only engage with personalized messaging, you know you have a highly-effective sales tactic at your disposal.  

Now you get that you need to add sales videos to your strategy, but still not sure where to start? Let’s look at some specific benefits to using personalized video for sales. 


Personalized videos for sales – easy to customize

You can control every element of the audio, visuals and script of a personalized video, which means you can adapt your video to any sales demands or customer journey. Whether you need to generate more leads, qualify more opportunities, or close more deals, you can create a wide variety of different types of personalized videos.  

Sales videos are a flexible way to stay in touch with clients or prospects when you can’t be there to meet them in person – and still hit sales targets. 


Connect on a human level  

Sales teams can no longer hide behind generic, faceless email blasts. People ignore them and are frustrated by their blatant “one-sized-fits-all” pandering.  

People want to be spoken to directly, as a person and not a number or an email address, and in a way that connects with them. Treating people like humans is the first step towards developing trust, but that means you need to be human too.  

Whether addressing the customer by name or promoting offers personalized to their needs, personalized video adds a much-needed human touch to your sales strategy.  


Easy to make, easy to love  

Recording sales videos has never been easier. You don’t need to spend precious resources on professional videographers or editors; in fact, you don’t need any special skills at all. IndiVideo’s user-friendly interface is easy to learn, guiding you to upload the graphics, audio and text of your choice, as well as letting you easily leverage customer data to personalize the video as you’re making it.  

And if this is still too much choice, you can use professional field-tested templates to streamline specific aspects of the sales process like onboarding and acquisitions. Never before have you been able to quickly personalize your messaging to create a digital customer experience. 


Mining data for gold  

Tracking critical data points like email open rates, click-through percentages and video watch percentages helps you understand what people want. The best sales strategies use data-driven tools to track analytics and prioritize opportunities within the customer lifecycle that gives people what they want. 

IndiVideo provides you with reliable, collected data that you can analyze and measure the success of your current campaign and then quickly iterate and optimize the next, so you’re always refining your messaging and prioritizing prospects.     


One equals a secure many  

Traditional sales videos involve a laborious process with many moving parts and players, across numerous departments, and even outside contractors. Not only does this make scaling difficult, but it is riddled with security issues. 


With so many assets and data moving between different stakeholders, video production ends up requiring Herculean efforts to scale up and ensure secure branding and compliance. For this reason, many sales teams are choosing an UltraSecure no-touch data platform that localizes the entire video-making process directly on their workstation. Through this video platform, all brand and privacy standards can be pre-set into templates you create, giving you full control over compliance. With the push of a few buttons, one salesperson can record a video from their own desk and securely scale it to as many people as you’d like.  


One platform to rule them all 

Sales teams need to stop wasting their time and efforts with communications customers do not want.  

Sales teams need to engage customers as humans on a channel they prefer and with tailored information that meets their specific needs. Each of these is a powerful sales driver, but when combined in a data-driven personalized video, your sales team is positioned to build relationships that both convert customers and keep them loyal.  

When cutting-edge platforms like IndiVideo combine video’s potential with even more powerful features like interactivity, scalability, and security compliance features, you are guaranteed a better return than what a baseline video can offer.  


See it for yourself – try making your own IndiVideo for Sales video. It’s quick, easy & free.  



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