Power Your Business with Personalized Videos

Power Your Business with Personalized Videos

How Personalized Video Can Power Your Experience


In today’s competitive market, both B2B and B2C businesses recognize the importance of advanced and personalized technology in customer interactions. IndiVideo by BlueRush offers an effortless solution to meet these needs, fostering deeper, one-to-one connections through personalized video. 

A powerful tool for converting prospects, boosting sales, and developing long-term loyalty while increasing customer satisfaction. At BlueRush, we’ve witnessed the effectiveness of this approach firsthand, with over 93.5 million views on our IndiVideo platform, proving its success in engaging customers at every touchpoint. 

Here are five key ways we utilize personalized videos on the IndiVideo platform to enhance customer engagement and achieve success: 

1. Personalized Sales Pitches

In a world leaning towards remote work, reaching prospects through personalized video is more effective than scheduling face-to-face meetings. Our IndiVideo for Sales allows the BlueRush team to send tailored videos to prospects, greeting them by name and directly addressing their needs with specific product features. This approach not only personalizes the experience but also solidifies our commitment to meeting client needs.

2. Personalized Onboarding Videos

A great onboarding experience is crucial from day one. Our personalized onboarding videos equip each new client with tailored information that builds trust and establishes a solid foundation for a long-lasting relationship. For instance, our collaboration with a major investment company saw 80% of viewers watching most of their onboarding video, with 25% taking significant action such as downloading the company’s app. 

3. Product Demos and Tutorials

Video demos and tutorials are foundational, but to stand out in today’s digital landscape, leveraging personalized video content is crucial. Interactive video demos elevate customer engagement by offering experiences tailored to individual preferences. By incorporating features like greeting customers by name (and title, for B2B clients), displaying only the most relevant information tailored to their specific product needs or customer life stages, and concluding with customized next steps or resources, you showcase a deep understanding of each customer’s unique journey. This personalized approach not only demonstrates relevance but also significantly strengthens your connection with each customer, enhancing the overall digital experience.

At BlueRush, we use IndiVideo in our sales outreach activities. Here’s how the IndiVideo platform integrates with HubSpot to deploy marketing campaigns.

4. Follow-up or Upsell Videos

Personalized video is also an excellent method to express gratitude post-purchase, reinforcing your appreciation for the customer. Such videos demonstrate your commitment to outstanding customer service and help foster a deeper connection. IndiVideos are particularly adept at providing tailored additional product recommendations that complement existing purchases, or highlighting timely product promotions that may interest the customer.

For a major insurance client, we created a video that explains to their customers the benefits of switching their Term insurance policy to a Permanent insurance product before their renewal date. This video was so well received, it increased sales 5x within the first three weeks. Watch a preview of this winning video.

5. Statement Videos

If your business operates on a regular customer billing cycle, personalized video statements are a powerful way to explain statements, point out areas of note, and build trust and loyalty with your customers. BlueRush clients have enjoyed outstanding long-term success with personalized statement videos.

One of our clients, AFP Habitat, is a major private pension fund company headquartered in Chile that has been deploying IndiVideo statements to pension customers since 2018. These interactive videos provide an opportunity to add clarity to a complex financial product while encouraging customers to take the desired actions.

The analytics reports indicate that these videos continue to enjoy high engagement rates on an ongoing basis. How high? Nearly three-quarters of viewers (74%) watch the entire video, and 90% of them report increased satisfaction and understanding of the product.

From leads to customers to long-term loyalty

Whether you want to generate leads, make sales presentations, demonstrate your products, onboard new customers or explain statements to existing customers, personalized video can help you achieve your sales goals, increase customer loyalty and grow your business.

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