Transforming Customer Experience – 2023 Award Winners

Transforming Customer Experience – 2023 Award Winners

Transforming Customer Experiences: Meet the 2023 BlueRush Client Award Winners!


Throughout 2023, the digital experiences crafted by our clients and partners showcased innovation, fostered customer retention, enhanced brand recognition, and transformed customer communication and experiences.

Each recipient has been recognized for using personalized videos and digital solutions to simplify complex products, accelerate the buyer journey, and enhancing the customer experience.

Explore the achievements of our 2023 customer award winners.

The Achiever

The Achiever award celebrates teams who skillfully leverage personalized and interactive videos as a cutting-edge communication experience, recognizing their consistent rollout of multiple IndiVideo projects during 2023.

Award Winner: Fidelity Investments

The Captain

With a focus on strategic excellence, the Captain Award spotlights the successful utilization of IndiVideo to seamlessly guide clients through their digital journey, improving their overall experience.

Award Winner: Nationwide Pet Insurance

The Data Pioneer

The Data Pioneer award honors those who excel in data-driven personalized and interactive video, showcasing their dedication to improving customer satisfaction and articulating complex messages through the use of data.

Award Winner: Manulife Financial Corporation

The Innovator

The Innovator award recognizes teams using personalized and interactive videos to enhance communication with added value, celebrating their consistent exploration of inventive strategies in leveraging these videos.

Award Winner: Assurity Life Insurance Company in partnership with Quadient

The Packs A Punch

Applauding excellence in blending brand identity, visuals, and messaging, the Packs a Punch award recognizes a BlueRush client for engaging audiences with their exceptional visuals and compelling messaging.

Award Winner: Mass Mutual Life Insurance Company

The Rain Barrel

The Rain Barrel Awards recognize successful customer retention strategies employed throughout the buyer journey, spotlighting the use of personalized and interactive videos to enhance retention rates and reduce churn.

Award Winner: General De Seguros implemented by Partner Percus

The Refresher

The Refresher award puts the spotlight on digital innovation, honoring a personalized video makeover. This revamp reflects their commitment to staying innovative and engaging in the world of personalized content.

Award Winner: AFP Habitat implemented by Partner Percus

The Rocket

The Rocket award celebrates the rapid integration of personalized and interactive video into the customer journey. From concept development to deployment, the project achieved a swift launch and quickly attained results.

Award Winner: Powerland implemented by Partner Intercept

The Trailblazer

The Trailblazer Award honors the team that stands out as pioneers in adopting IndiVideo templates, demonstrating outstanding strategic foresight in leading the way with self-record templates to create a personalized connection with their clients.

Award Winner: Alterna Bank

The Trend Setter

The Trend Setter pays tribute to Marketing teams who excel at scaling their video strategies with the IndiVideo Platform. This distinction is for teams that use video in exceptional ways across the entire customer journey and across numerous channels.

Award Winner: Colt Technology Services Group Limited

The Digitizer

Paying tribute to digital transformation, The Digitizer Award applauds the successful implementation of enterprise-wide applications to streamline business operations and elevate experiences across the entire customer journey.

Award Winner: TD Bank Group

Nicole Saley, Senior Customer Success Manager, BlueRush stated, “Every day, our customers spark innovation by leveraging the IndiVideo platform and our Digital Marketing Solutions. Our Customer Awards serves as recognition of our clients’ exceptional strategies and celebrate their ongoing successes in maximizing their digital marketing approach with an emphasis on personalized communication. These awards highlight their outstanding leadership, unwavering trust in BlueRush, and the exceptional successes they achieve.”

Offering our customers effortless access to personalized interactive videos is the essence of BlueRush’s approach to innovation,” highlighted Kendra Borutski, Marketing Director at BlueRush. “With IndiVideo, we’re illustrating how BlueRush is persistently tackling the challenges of our customers and assisting them in providing their consumers with smoother digital interactions.”

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